Open Cage Salmon Feedlots

are destroying Scotland's

marine ecosystems


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'The Scottish Government has failed to honour its commitments, making clear it prioritises big business over the environment and rural voices in Scotland. A government that is not committed to environmental stewardship, or democratic processes, is a cause for concern far greater than that of open cage salmon farming alone."

In March 2018 a cross party committee of the Scottish parliament delivered its findings following an Inquiry into "The environmental impacts of salmon farming". A second cross party committee upheld those findings in November 2018 following another Inquiry. They also made a series of sixty five recommendations. Both were clear, that open cage salmon farming in Scotland was harming the environment and was not adequately regulated. The Scottish Government stated that it would take action and that it would bring forward regulation. But it has failed to honour those commitments. Hundreds of individuals, charities and industry bodies committed to the process in good faith. 

They have told us that the time has come to send the Scottish Government and the open cage salmon feedlot industry a clear message


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